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I'm a paranormal writer raising my 4yr old son, with my husband, Jeff in PA. I have 3 grown daughters who are married with babies of their own. I have 6 beautiful granddaughters, starting a 11 yrs to 3 wks old. I love to read many books and work on my writing.We have 2 dogs. Wyatt is English Bulldog who has decided that I'm his and doesn't like anyone to get near meand Lexi is a labpitmix and she is the most gentle girl I have ever met. When the baby was real little she would carry him on her back. It was so cute. He's way to big now for that.

Monday, April 26, 2010


 I will give away 2 books. that's right I will give away 2 books. The winners choice. MY goal is to have our first contest and to build a  following on this blog. I would love to have a blog where we can discuss  the books we love and have everyone post review of what they thought of the book or if they haven't read it ask questions and get answers to see if they would like to read the book..
Once there are enough followers,at least 20, to make it a good contest, I will have a randonizer pick the first winner.

PLEASE leave your email address in the comment so I can contact you if your name is picked.  Iwill send out email confirming the winner. You will have 7 days to respond to the email. on the 8th day a new winner will be picked.
All you have to do is leave comment, with your email address, and spread the word. Tell your friends and post this blog to your sites.Also let me know where you posted it and how many friends you sent it to. You will get extra entries for each that you do...... Just SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Thanks again and here's hoping to have a blog that everyone can express their views about the books.

Book Reviews

I was going to write each Wednesday about a book I just read but decided since I'm just starting this blog and I need to some how get some followers, that I would read all the books in the series so far and write about all of them as a series. I love to read books that have a series ongoing. But I do read single books also. If you happen to find this blog please join the blog and tell me about yourself. what you like to read, what your interest are, if there are any books you have read that you want to share and ask me questions. Spread the word get your friends to come. The sooner I get a few more followers, the sooner I can start some contest for free books and other items.

Thanks again....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Love To Read.....And Want to Share.....

Hi Everyone, let me introduce myself. I'm a new writer trying to get my first book published. I write paranormal romance stories. I have three grown daughters, all married with children of their own and I'm raising my almost 4yr old son with my husband in central PA. I also have six beautiful granddaughters that I get to see everyday and on the weekends. so my days are very busy. when do I find time to write, you ask? I wake up around 4:30 a.m. everyday and write either until the baby wakes or my husband leaves for work at 7:30a.m. Believe me it makes my days seem very long at times. I also write everyday. It doesn't matter if its only for one hour or six hours I write. I don't worry if its bad or good, I just write what ever comes to mind. Its the best piece id advice I can give to another writer. Make time to write everyday.

I love to read... and I thought since I enjoy reading so much that I wanted to share my point of views. Now I'm known for reading about 5 to 6 books a week, so that's where I thought I would start by writing reviews about the books I have either read or are reading. Everyone who likes to read is always looking for someone to tell them about a really good book they just read.
I tend to read mostly paranormal books so to start thats what I will be working with but who knows as I find more books to write about I will add other kinds. Its not that I only like paranormals it that they are very interesting to me. I love reading them and writing stories about vampires, werewolves, witches and many other strange things. But I don't limit myself. I do read mystery stories and all of the books I read are a form of romance. Some have history and time travel also.
To start this blog I am reading Carrie Vaughn's series "Kitty and the Midnight Hour". This is the first book in the series. Next Wednesday I will write my first blog on these books. I tend to read a lot of books that are in series. So if I can I will try to write about the ones I have read so far.
Hopefully I will not bore anyone and please remember this is only my opinion on the books that I have read and write about. I would never say anything bad about a book. I may not enjoy the story but I would never say anything mean or bad about a book or author. Again, I'm only writing what I feel about the books I chose to read.
Please leave comments. If there is a book you would like to know if I read and I will let you know if I did and what I thought about it. As time goes on I hope to run a few contests and I'm looking for ideas on what you would like to hear about. I will check the blog everyday but I will only write the book reviews on Wednesday. If you leave questions I will answer them as soon as I receive them. Thank you for all your support. Please follow this blog. I will try to make it interesting for everyone.
God Bless