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I'm a paranormal writer raising my 4yr old son, with my husband, Jeff in PA. I have 3 grown daughters who are married with babies of their own. I have 6 beautiful granddaughters, starting a 11 yrs to 3 wks old. I love to read many books and work on my writing.We have 2 dogs. Wyatt is English Bulldog who has decided that I'm his and doesn't like anyone to get near meand Lexi is a labpitmix and she is the most gentle girl I have ever met. When the baby was real little she would carry him on her back. It was so cute. He's way to big now for that.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Hey All......
Today is the last day you can enter to win a Kindle from Tina Pinson's blog site...She is giving away 2 Kindle's for the new release of her ebook. You have to midnight tonite to enter...Just click on that orange word #links at the end of this post and it will take you to her blog..Good Luck to all that enter...    #links
I'm going to have a Christmas in July Party coming up in the middle of July. If I can get lots of bloggers to come check it out, there will be lots of Prizes on that day to give away....So lets see how many bloggers there are by July 14...If there is enough interest,    on July 20 the PARTY WILL BEGIN.... leave a comment to let me know if you will be there

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Looking for some really great books to read that will be coming out at the end of June, check these out.
Check out their websites for more info...........
            Rushed to the Altar by Jane Feather which comes out June 22nd. One Season of Sunshine by Julia London will be released June 29th. Nancy Gideon's Chased by Moonlight will hit bookshelves on June 29th and Unspeakable- Book 2 in Laura Griffin's Chaser series will come out June 29th, also.
Have a Great June........

Sunday, June 6, 2010

TEAM WEREWOLVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the bugling arm candy with that little waist and long, long legs in tight jeans... You can't forget the butt!!!
Now I have seen some nice vamps and don't get me wrong they can be just as yummy but there's just something about a warm beating heart and the fact your man doesn't have to leave you every night to hide from the sun that makes a were so much more interesting... So what do you think??? What makes them yummy for you????
Keep leaving those comments....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kindle contest on Moira Rogers Blog

Who wouldn't want to be a werewolf  these day. You don't have to die to become one, you don't have to suck blood from a neck, and you only have to change once a month but during that one night a month you get to run free in the woods with no worries, the wind thru your fur and your soulmate next to you. Now this all depends on who is writing the story. In my story weres have it made. Yes there is hardships sometimes but its mostly a carefree life...
Check out the link on the sidebar for Moira Rogers contest for the kindle. Leave a comment why you support or not support your favorite team and let Moira know and you get a chance to win a Kindle. Also you must leave a comment here because Moira will be using all the comments to pick a winner. GOOD LUCK and hope to here from you real soon.

I’m on Team Werewolf. Find out more.

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This post is a part of Moira Rogers’ Creature Feature Kindle Throwdown Contest. By leaving a (meaningful) comment, you will be entered to win a Kindle from Amazon.com, or an alternate grand prize of $275 to spend at an online book retailer. For a full list of rules and more ways to win, visit the contest page.

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